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In-house artist, LushMix, are the creative engine behind the 2021 dance music release, Billion Dollar Baby, that features our 2020 signing TJ on vocals. The music was written, recorded and mixed by Nick Williams with additional lyrics and vocal recording support by brother Tony Williams. The Mavi D remix reached #15 in the UK Dance/Pop charts in May 2021. The follow-up single, I Keep Calling You, was released in the same month with the remix achieving top 10 status.


Boom Records UK cut its teeth (its first record) back in 1993 with The Magi's (Nick WilliamsKev Walker) Everybody Say Love, a dense and unique sounding, breakbeat dance track that earned MTV dance video of the week. Originally planned as an instrumental, The Magi discovered during auditions that front girl Emanation's 'poetry style' provided a mystical, mantra-like vocal that was perfect for the 'trippy', ethnic-influenced single. The Prodigy graced us with 3 re-mixes of the track, one of which features on the Everybody Say Love CD and vinyl EP. The Prodigy also honoured us with a cover of the song renamed One Love (you can spot the samples easily enough!) which was released on their UK no.1 More Music For The Jilted Generation album, and which also features on the soundtrack of the movie Hackers.

Tony and Nick formed Boom Records back in 1993 and each has a long career in music production, performance and professional audio. Nick has played piano since the age of 4, classically trained until the age of 13. At the age of 17, he and a friend designed and built their own synthesizer. Nick then went on to sell some of world's best synthesizers, samplers and digital audio workstations (Oberheim, PPG, Synclavier, ProTools...), earning extra dosh doing session work on projects including keyboards on an album by ex-Dire Straits guitarist, David Knopfler, music for film and TV, and programming for super producer, Trevor Horn. Tony gave up piano in favour of guitar and bass and, until the crushing pandemic lockdown, was playing bass for WhoEver - you guessed it, a tribute band to The Who, and an excellent tribute at that. Let's hope that live events can return soon!


Boom Records want to bring music that stands out from the crowd and makes you move.

We hope you enjoy our output as much as we do making it.

Stay safe, stay well!